Business crisis

FSI professionals have a long experience in the assistance and support of companies that are experiencing a crisis phase and that need to face and solve complex operational and/or financial problems.

Depending on the specific context, FSI is available to support the company in crisis by providing a team of consultants with specific backgrounds and expertise. Furthermore, they can also introduce professionals ready to take top management positions (CEO, CFO and advises) to support management and shareholders in addressing this particular phase of company life.

FSI professionals’ approach is very operational and systematic with respect to problem solving and the available skills, economic-financial, managerial, legal and tax. Allowing the client company to have only one point of contact and reduce the additional complexity to possibly manage a large number of consultants.

The crisis phase is a very delicate moment both for the company and for its shareholders. In this context, we believe that confidentiality is a value to be protected and we therefore believe it is important not to disclose the broad track record of FSI in this specific area.