Eros Organni

Eros Organni is an italian professional with over 20 years of  experience in the management and financing of infrastructure investments, especially in the public utilities sector, hospitals and major road works structures.

He studied economics and banking in Siena. After graduation, he earned a joint master degree from London School of Economics (LSE) and University College London (UCL), specializing in community law and european competition.

From the very beginning of his professional activity he has deepened the economic, financial and legal matters relating to the management of public services, handling, as advisor, some of the major corporate restructuring processes in Italy. He later developed a significant experience in project finance and more generally in the financing of public infrastructures with the use of private finances.

During his professional career he has also had direct managerial experience, holding the position of CEO and General Manager of national companies.

Luca Barzaghi

Luca Barzaghi owns 20 years of professional experience in operating and financial restructuring, performance improvement, transaction services and corporate finance. In his engagements, performed in several industries such as, among others, apparel, consumer goods, automotive, construction, hospitality and others, he acted as either a consultant or as interim / permanent manager (CFO, CRO and Board Director).

In last 12 years of his professional experience, he has specialised in supporting stressed / distressed clients in developing and implementing turnaround plans, improving working capital and short term cash flows, selecting and executing financial restructuring processes, enhancing cost saving initiatives and reorganisation plans.

Previously, Luca Barzaghi advised PE and corporate investors performing operational and financial due diligence on both buy and sell side as part of related M&A processes.

Alberto Sciumè
Alberto Sciumè

In 1999 he set up Studio Legale SZA, with offices in Milan and Rome. Full professor of law, member of various ministerial commissions and member of numerous scientific committees, speaker at conferences and seminars, author of articles and monographs, he has carried out and continues to carry out an intense activity of study, research and advice on corporate and financial law, public utilities and on the legal aspects of market regulation.

He has gained extensive professional experience in financial and corporate law, assisting leading figures in the issuance of bonds and their listing on various European stock exchanges and carrying out his work in many operations to define and restructure the financing plans of Italian groups operating in the field of construction and motorway concessions, public services and the environment.

He has also developed, as a consultant and legal consultant, technical-legal models of trading operations of energy carriers and models of public-private collaboration for the management of local public services. Finally, he has developed specific expertise in project finance, developing contractual models for project finance operations in the field of water, energy and environmental management.

Since 2018 he has been a Founding Partner and acts as an Of Counsel of Studio SZA.

Fabio Bascherini
Fabio Bascherini

Fabio Bascherini is a professional with over twenty years of experience in business consulting in the fields of business organization, tax law, labor law, corporate and bankruptcy.

He has held important judicial positions as insolvency administrator, judicial commissioner, liquidator commissioner, tutor, CTU and has also held managerial positions as General Manager of important companies in the public services sector. since 2000 he has been teaching as a contract professor of Professional Technique, in the degree course in Economics, Administration and Business Law, at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa, with particular focus on the issues of Professional Technique applied to insolvency.

On the subject of the insolvency, he has taught and coordinated numerous courses and master’s degree courses, as well as being the author of specialized publications.

He has also been particularly involved in the activities of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Massa, of which he was also President.

Luca Capecchi
Luca Capecchi

Luca Capecchi graduated in Law from the University of Florence in 1987 and has been working as a lawyer since January 1991.

In 2005 he founded the law firm “Luca Capecchi, Jacopo Quintavalli, Giovanni Tieri”. He has gained extensive professional experience in administrative law, company law, with particular reference to local public services, public contracts, public and private partnerships and project finance, through professional activity and participation as a speaker at university masters, conferences and training courses.

He has worked for important public administrations and private companies in the assignment and organization of the integrated water service and the integrated waste management service for optimal territorial areas, in corporate and extraordinary finance operations, in the structuring of financing according to the project finance model, in procedures for the award of concessions and public contracts, in operations of economic and financial rebalancing of concessions

Daniela della Rosa
Daniela Della Rosa

Fashion law expert, Ms. Daniela Della Rosa founded of an innovative legal start-up that provides outsourced General Counsel expertise in the luxury/premium segments. Her legal management expertise includes post-acquisition integration and governance with a focus on IP, retail and licensing.

Ms. Della Rosa began her career as an international company lawyer working for leading well-known brands in the legal, IT and fashion sector including IBM and Levi Strauss & Co. In 2007 she served in Kering as Global General Counsel for Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Sergio Rossi and provided shared legal services to Richard Ginori, Balenciaga, YSL and Stella McCartney. Nowadays she acts primarily as independent/non-executive director in companies preparing for IPO.

She is the curator of LUISS Master in Fashion Law, lecturer and regular speaker at international seminars and conferences. Ms. Della Rosa is a Law graduate from L.U.I.S.S. in Rome and obtained a Master of Laws (L.L.M) from the Columbia University School of Law, in NYC. She is qualified to practice law in Italy and New York.

Alessandro Manetti

Alessandro Manetti is a professional with over twenty years of experience.

As part of his professional activity, in addition to consulting in administrative, accounting and tax to SMEs, he has gained significant experience with public bodies (especially municipalities and provinces) and companies with local public participation, with particular reference to those “in house”.

In particular, he has gained particular expertise in the design and implementation of control systems, business plans and economic-financial plans in the assistance for the support necessary for full compliance with current legislation on publicly owned companies.

He is also an expert in accounting and auditing the financial statements of local authorities.

FOTO Alberto Sacchi
Alberto Sacchi

Alberto Sacchi owns over 30 years of professional experience in the administrative and financial sector, having worked as a manager in the balance sheet, tax, corporate and financial sectors of companies, to the point of assuming the role of group manager.

During these years he has developed and followed extraordinary corporate and financial transactions (including: capital increases of listed companies, admission to listing of companies on the Stock Exchange, issuance of bonds listed both in Italy and abroad, rated by major international agencies, withdrawal from listed companies, launch of public offers for the purchase of listed shares) and corporate reorganization (mergers, demergers, demergers and mergers, reverse incorporation, purchase and sale of business units, purchase and sale of control packages of listed and unlisted companies) In the course of its activity, it has gained significant experience in the sectors of companies motorway concessionaires, construction and transport companies.

In the last 10 years of his professional experience, he has taken on the role of director and CEO of companies listed on the Stock Exchange.

Nicola Sciumè
Nicola Sciumè

I gained and consolidated my professional experience in high-tech and innovative projects in digital marketing related to ICT systems and infrastructures.

Through entrepreneurial initiatives and managerial roles in structured companies I developed an ability for analysis and perspective vision of the opportunities in evaluating strategies and criticalities in relation both, to the achievement of the objectives and to the management of the change processes.

My expertise starts from the conception and the development of value-added services, up to the delivery and marketing by handling the relational activities (with particular aptitude for the institutional), both national and international.