The realisation of public works through project finance is now a consolidated reality also in our legal system. This expression refers to a model of private financing of a public work, which construction and management are entrusted through BOT concessions. If well managed, Project Finance can be an effective tool for remedying the infrastructural gap that divides Italy from other industrialised countries, even during a crisis situation in public finance.

FSI professionals have over twenty years’ experience in the use of this tool and have participated in numerous project finance procedures, in Italy and abroad, for the realisation of various types of infrastructures. These include the construction of new hospitals, renewable energy production plants, infrastructure for the management of water services, waste to energy plants, as well as the construction of new highways and urban and extra-urban mobility systems.

Because of its nature, the setting up of a project finance operation requires a strong integration of different skills. Not only FSI professionals are able to guarantee numerous technical skills necessary for legal, economic, financial, fiscal, managerial, etc. affairs; they can also carry out the essential coordination of all these skills in order to lead these processes towards the best result.

The implementation of an infrastructure using private finance is a complex operation that involves different agents and the balance of the different interests at stake. Over the years, FSI professionals have had the opportunity to carry out their activities in favour of public administrations, private companies and banks. Through the provision of a dedicated team, they are therefore able to assist both public and/or private parties, who are interested and/or simply involved in the use of this tool, in order to ensure the achievement of the expected objectives.

Some experiences of our professionals