The local public (utilities) market has for years been the focus of significant reorganisation processes. The effort is to flavour aggregation processes of management companies in order to overcome the enormous corporate fragmentation that still characterises a large part of our territory.

FSI professionals have carried out some of the most important reorganisation processes in Italy, concerning the integrated water service market, management of the integrated waste cycle and the circular economy, in local public transport, as well as in the distribution of energy. They have also had the opportunity to provide assistance to important national and multinational players.

The main challenges in these sectors concern the development of an effective industrial management, with the consequent recovery of efficiency and quality in the provision of services. Furthermore, this involves the attraction of financial resources to start the necessary investment plan that in our country is a cross-sectional character of most utilities. From water networks to purification plants, to the plants for the recovery of materials and energy that are the basis for the development of a true circular economy.

In the utilities sector, FSI professionals can boast a particularly integrated expertise having mastered their skills over twenty years of experience in the following fields:

  1. economic and financial aspects, such as the management of investments, the equilibrium and financing thresholds of the concessions, the construction of industrial and scope plans, the revision of the same conditions of economic equilibrium;
  2. legal aspects, such as assignment issues, management models, agreements between companies, procedures and documentation for tenders and, more generally, specific sector regulations;
  3. accounting and tax aspects, concerning the specific processing and the particular features that characterise the financial statements of companies in this sector;
  4. more properly regulatory aspects, such as the definition of tariffs, the construction of tariff plans, the remuneration of invested capital and relations with regulatory bodies;
  5. the main management problems, having had direct managerial responsibilities in top positions.

Even in the utilities sector, FSI professionals have the experience and expertise to assist both public bodies and Area Authorities and public and/or private companies, which are responsible for the management and provision of services.

Some experiences of our professionals